For the love of fanny 💙

OG Mom's Fanny Essential Pack

$54.00 $80.00

A pack of preparedness for whatever nonsense the day has in store! Stocked with a Fun Mom Band pocket tumbler and pill box. 

All about the fanny:

  • Mom's Fanny dimensions are 8.25 x 5.5 x 2.5
  • We need pockets! Mom's Fanny has a front outer pocket, perfect for a phone or anything you need to grab in a flash. Inside the pack, you'll find a zipper pocket on one side and three stash pockets on the others side, creating an organized and designated space for all of your essentials.
  • Detachable from both sides: Unlike most fanny packs, Mom's Fanny has a swivel snap hook attachment on either side of the pack, making it even more convenient to take on and off and to adjust the way you carry the fanny. 

Choose your strap size! Strap size measurements include the length of the fanny and reflect the range of the strap from its shortest to most extended. 

  • Small: 26 - 38 inches 
  • Medium: 31 - 48 inches 
  • Large: 37 - 58 inches  


  • Mom's Fanny is made of 14-ounce Hyde Park Denim that is rich in color, soft to the touch, durable and long-lasting.
  • The inner pack cloth is made of coated nylon fabric that is as tough as leather or vinyl.
  • Mom's Fanny has soft and sturdy leather wings (where the strap attaches) and a leather zip pull. Leather is made and tanned in the U.S.
  • The strap is made of mil spec webbing, which was built for tough jobs like making parachutes. Or parenting.

Fun Mom Band Pocket Tumbler

  • A sipper to carry Mom's choice of liquid. 
  • This pocket tumbler holds 4.5 oz of liquid and clocks in at 5.6 inches high with a 1.7" diameter, fitting perfectly in Mom's Fanny.

Fun Mom Band Pill Box

  • This on-the-go pill box measures 2 inches long, 3/4 inches high and fits perfectly in Mom's Fanny. The interior is divided into three compartments and opens up to a mirror that reflects the lovely you.